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 Breakthrough Products Available Now

Dieters: 2-3 Packets daily

Bodybuilders: 4-5 Packets per workout

No Caffeine - No Stimulants

Our new B5 FAT BURN Technology® products are designed for dieters, with athletes and body builders in mind.

Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) as a Weight-Reducing Agent: Fasting Without Hunger, Weakness and Ketosis***

Based on little-known nutritional science from Hong Kong, Immortal's B5 FAT BURN TECHNOLOGY® products increase the body's formation of Coenzyme A.   

These modern, high-end dietary supplements make the required high doses of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) easy to take and effective. 

The vitamin B5 research is from Dr. H. L. Leung's more than 20 year-old studies with pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) for the activation of Coenzyme A, Leung's theory is that CoA deficiency leads to inefficient lipid metabolism.  

During a year long study of 100 subjects, Leung' tested his Vitamin B5/CoA theory. Subjects lost 1.2 Kg per week on a 1000 calorie diet, without ketosis. The only reported "side effect" was the feeling of well-being.

Leung's paper

 Large vitamin B5 dosages led to the resolution of acne, sustained weight loss without hunger, and enhanced male performance.

An interesting side-benefit is that the technology has long been known to help overcome erectile dysfunction . . . at a fraction of the cost of Viagra and other pharmaceutical ED drugs. 

Ignite your Metabolic flame

Complete pantothenate (B5) complex + Natural HGH stimulation

About the new B5 Fat Burn Technology Power Drink Mix - Orthomolecular, all-natural, weight/hunger control. This good tasting drink eliminates the large number of pills otherwise required to achieve Leung's vitamin B5 dosage recommendations.

(Available now)

B5 Fat Burn Technology Drink Mix

Combines Advanced Pantothenate (B5) Complex

10,000 to 20,ooo vitamin B5"IU" 

equivalency - without pills.

Our products promote efficient energy production from burning fat -- while increasing workout endurance, and sustaining basal metabolism for long-lasting weight loss - without the 20-40 or more pills otherwise required every day.

+ Proven HGH Secretion Formula

In addition to orthomolecular (high) dosages of vitamin B5 (as Quali-B®) and Pantethine (as Pantesin®), B5 Fat Burn Technolog®y drink mix adds highly bio-available vitamin C (as Quali-C®), magnesium, MagnaPower® creatine, the amino acids lysine, arginine pyroglutamate, and more. 

The product is free of caffeine and other stimulants

• B5 Liposomal (Add-on)

The add-on liposomal B5 product is designed to work in conjunction with the B5 Drink Mix (or other high-dose vitamin B5). The liposomal may help reduce the amount of ordinary vitamin B5 necessary to stay on a calorie restricted diet without ketosis. The product includes liposomal L-carnitine, niacin and biotin.

The Fat Switch

Thanks to the remarkable work by Richard J. Johnsom, his team, and his book THE FAT SWITCH, we now understand the fructose/uric acid connection to the production and storage of body fat. 

If you goal is to lose weight by reducing body fat, then you will have to turn off the Fat Switch. This means reducing fructose by avoiding table sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup (i.e. limiting your intake of fructose only to amounts that are found in solid fruits) and not restricting salt in your diet.

Knowing what causes us to store body fat may not be that useful in today's society. Sugar is in everything. We need glucose (dextrose) but ordinary sugar also is half fructose - which turns on the fat switch in the liver.

The reason the Keto diets are successful is that by cutting out all carbs (sugars) the sugar fructose is eliminated, so the main Fat Switch is kept turned off. However, the brain and the liver require GLUCOSE so most low-carb i.e. ketogenic diets now recommend adding fruits.  

It is virtually impossible to find foods that don't have sugar added. Any food with sugar added turns on the fat switch. Ideally, foods would be sweetened with glucose (dextrose) and not ordinary table or cane sugar sucrose.

Another strategy to keep the fructose/uric acid Fat Switch off is intermittent fasting. High dose vitamin B5 can reduce hunger and weakness during fasting.

Finally, other researchers have discovered that restricting sodium (salt) can also increase uric acid levels, turning ON the fat switch.


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