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The B5 Fat Burn Technology Story

"The High B5/HGH drink mix product just arrived and initial results from body builders (5 packets) are very encouraging.

Heavy Workout:

#1. More (Max) Reps (Endurance almost doubling.)

#2. Faster Recovery (No or little soreness for more frequent workouts)

#3. Improved mental state, during and after workout.

(More below...)

Note: There is a 30-day introductory sale.

Ascorbade on Steroids? AKA how we first discovered Vitamin C Foundation's Ascorbade enhanced athletic workout performance

The Vitamin C Foundation introduced a complex drink mix Ascorbade circa 2010. It was based on the Tower Laboratories Anti-Aging formula, and their Ascorsine 9 Pauling-therapy drink, both of which were originally developed by our CEO and Founder Owen Fonorow.

At first, Ascorbade, was considered "anti-aging" because the amounts of (and form of) lysine and arginine had been shown to stimulate HGH (Human Growth Hormone) in young men, but middle-aged persons also found benefit.

It was not known or understood at the time that the Ascorbade formula would turn out to have a remarkable workout performance-enhancing effect. This was independently discovered by my son Jeff (now a professional personal trainer) and my nephew, both body builders in their twenties. The effect includes a noticeable increase in reps, ability to do more workouts, etc. 

Enter Hong Kong Dr. H. Leung - and his discovery of the energy and weight loss benefits of high dose vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid).

Recently, we were introduced to doctor Leung's research on sustained weight loss -- dieting without hunger weakness (or ketosis). Dr. Leung's high B5 (pantothenic acid) protocol has been incorporated into a drink mix designed to make Leung-like dosage of vitamin B5 easy to take - without pills.

Our epiphany was to also add the major ingredients from the discontinued Ascorbade. Every thing about the high B5 protocol, and our prior Ascorbade experience, screams more and better workouts from more efficient metabolism, especially lipid metabolism. 

If you are a body builder, the new product may literally mean - eat a lot, and stay thin. But then again, you probably will not be has hungry, at least until your body runs out of fat to metabolize for energy.

By the way, we love body builders! They know what works, i.e., every supplement is an experiment. This supplement works without stimulants or illegal supplements. If you are a serious body builder, call us at 800-894-9025 for an exciting offer.

My Son's is a certified personal trainer. His exciting initial reports on the B5 Fat Burn Technology drink mix are that "it works at least as well as Ascorbade, and may even taste better." He has also noticed additional feelings of, lets say "well being" after the workout that he hadn't felt before. We are currently verifying the performance effect with several body builders. 

One issue might be the high amount of vitamin C, that some cannot tolerate. Packets may have to be spread out prior to the workout, especially if loose stools become and issue. The drink is flavored, but there are a great many ingredients, and some have had to work to make the drink mix taste acceptable.

Note: The product is expensive. (The drink mix has 45 servings rather than 30.) The lower weight loss dosage (usually between 2-3 packets per day) drops to 1 packet per day once you reach your target weight" - Owen Fonorow